About the game:

- This game is about set up and spawm your army to defend your base again enemy army (2 armies crush each other)

- This game used Carbot - StarCraft artworks, not my works. (thanks for Carbot, pls check their youtube channel)

- All the sound effect was taken from Starcraft 2 - Blizzard Entertainment.

- I used the knowledge content in  Ben Tristem 's lecture and add some that i found on Youtube to make this game:

(parallax background)

(Pause menu)



- Not sure why but the game is a bit lag when their are too many units on a map (about 30 units).

- I don't know how to make my UI block the click on the map. (click on the UI button, then both the UI button and the unit (behind the UI) work)

Published Jul 31, 2017
Made withUnity

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